Creativity is...

Inventing, Experimenting, Growing, Taking Risks, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes & Having Fun.

                                                                                                                    ~Mary Lou Cook


About the Huffman Art Studio

The Huffman Art Studio emphasizes the importance of choice and building the creative capacity of each student!

My goal is to create an environment that is conducive to ALL learners that promotes learning, creativity, self-expression and a safe place that allows them to be themselves!  Art promotes problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, artistic expression and overall works to enhance what they learn in their homeroom classes through integrating art history, geography, vocabulary, math skills and writing!

For the 2nd year, I will be embracing the idea, "Create Art Your Way".  I will be teaching themes and techniques to my artists this year and taking an approach that will help aid in their creativity by giving them more choice with their medium and more artistic expression with how they approach the themes and techniques taught.

For example, Dias De Los Muertos is a holiday we study in 3rd- 5th grade and instead of teaching the same project for a grade level, the students in each class will choose their approach after viewing several resources and demonstrations.

One student may choose to make a sculpture representing what they learned, while a few may decide to create a painting.  They will be allowed access on ipads, computers, and use books to research ideas to further develop their ideas.  I am very excited to try this style of art which focuses on Teaching Artistic Behavior (TAB) also known as Choice-Based learning.  Stations will be set up with proper tools and students will CHOOSE where they go. I am so excited for a fun year of learning and experimenting with art! 

Our students are going to "Make their Mark in Art" while "Engineering Creative Minds".

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Wynita Harmon

Hello! My name is Wynita Harmon and I am the art specialist at Huffman Elementary! I am from Oklahoma City and have now lived in Texas for about 6 years.  I have a great family that I love so much and enjoy spending time with! I love to do things with my friends and family, travel, cook and create art!

I have been teaching Art for 10 years and I absolutely love it!  Sharing my passion with children is definitely what I love to do! I go to work excited and ready to see what my students will create based on my lesson that day! 

Art is a great way to express yourself and I feel that is very important for children to be able to experience.  

It is vital for students to participate in the creative process while still being enlightened and educated! It is very important for everyone to know that I strive each and every day in order to provide learning opportunities that capture my students attention, excite them and keep them involved in the arts! A wise person told me....

 "The arts are an essential part of every child's education. In order for young people to be competitive academically and in the 21st century workforce, they must have critical and creative thinking skills and these skills are nurtured and advanced by arts being an essential component of a student's academic experience. An education in the arts makes children well-rounded, engaged and active citizens of the world."

This took my breath away because it is my passion to get this view through to my students and the world! There are so many benefits to arts education and all fine arts! PISD has so many students who dominate art contests throughout Texas and have some many scholarships to college! The foundation starts in elementary school and I take the job very seriously! We don't just make pretty things in art...we learn...we experiment...we problem solve...we use our brains and connect art to real world applications! My students will be enriched and empowered with the skills to be the next famous artist, engineer, teacher, doctor or whatever their beautiful hearts desire. Lets work together and foster this creativity in our children! Visit an art museum, have a discussion about a painting in your home, give them various items and allow them to create something! Art is everywhere! 

Please take a look by clicking the tabs to stay updated on the wonderful things going on in my art studio with our creative students!

Sincerely, Wynita Harmon




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Studio Habits of Mind

These are 8 habits of thinking learned from artists.  They offer language aligned with critical thinking that works across each discipline.  These habits empower students to articulate their learning in any subject matter and provide an entry point for learning based on individual choice and need.

Develop Craft - Learning to use tools, materials, artistic conventions; and learning to care for tools, space, etc.

Engage & Persist - Learning to embrace problems of relevance, to develop focus conducive to working at tasks

Envision - Learning to picture mentally what cannot be directly observed & imagine possible next steps in making.

Express - Learning to create works that convey and idea, a feeling or a personal meaning.

Observe - Learning to attend to visual contexts more closely than ordinary "looking" requires

Reflect - Learning to think and talk with others about an aspect of one's work or working process

Stretch & Explore - Learning to reach beyond one's capacities, explore playfully without a plan, embrace mistakes

Understand Art Community (Worlds) -Learning to interact as an artist with other artists (classroom, locally,     globally) within the broader society.  


Reference: (8 Habits of Thinking Learned from Artists)



The PTA contest is here and the theme is, What is Your Story.  Be on the look out for entry forms and some dates for students to work at Huffman after school on their projects!