#Mannequin Challenge meets the Gesture Drawing challenge

I was so happy to see the #MannequinChallenge pop up on the internet because I instantly saw a correlation between the newest pop culture movement and Art!  I love it because I know that my students will totally get into it and I love showing them how the arts are everywhere!  The ideas flooded my brain and I could not wait until today to start this lessons with my students!

To have this related to art, I decided to connect the mannequin challenge with gesture drawings and living statues!  In addition, I connected the Studio Habit of Mind: Observe. We are observing others closely so it paired nicely!  

The slide presentation I created gave students the background to gesture drawings, linked it to Keith Haring's art and showed them images of various Living Statues! They got to view a few clips of others doing the #mannequinchallenge as well! We talked about how this popular challenge could be seen as art (essential question).

 I gave them a gesture drawing challenge upon finishing the presentation. Half of my students posed in the room like mannequins and the other half had 2 minutes to draw them using the gesture drawing technique they learned.  The class switched places after the first 2 minutes were up. We finished up by doing the #mannequinchallenge as a class and I took video! I was very impressed with how serious they took being a mannequin and how great the gesture drawings were!

4th Grade Mannequin Challenge

The video below has students doing their mannequin challenge in the hallway. This was connected to living statues or performance art!