Choice in the Art Classroom

I am a firm believer in students being in control of their learning and being offered choices.  The 2015-2016 school year I initiated choice within my 1st - 5th grade classes and allowed K more choices in the Spring semester.  I have seen my students grow in a way that has surpassed my expectations for the TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior) and Choice approach I offered my students this year!  While we still focus on areas that we need to based on the TEKS, my students are growing in a way that will help them think creatively and be innovative! 

My students have grown their critical thinking skills, creativity, communication skills and collaborative efforts with their peers!  I honestly could have cried with happy tears on several occasions when I saw it all click and see my students work as independent artists using their own ideas and learning from their mistakes!

If you think about how school was decades ago you would mainly see a "sit and get" session.  Students lined up in rows with a teacher feeding them knowledge.  In our world today, it is important to change things up and not teach how teachers taught decades ago but to adapt.  This style of teaching is beneficial for teaching 21st century skills to our 21st century students! I also embrace the Studio Habits of Mind.

Plano ISD Visual Art Department is an advocate of Studio Habits of Mind which focuses on Developing Craft, Engage and Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch and Explore and Understand Art Worlds!  The align with our Texas Essential Knowledge Skills as well.

Teachers would often tell me how much students love coming to art and that really meant a lot to me! This supports the greatness of this teaching style as well as my relationship with each of my students.  I work hard to give them a loving and supportive environment that they feel free to take risks, innovate, create, collaborate, make and grow with their artistic/creative endeavors!

In closing, I look forward to this upcoming school year and sharing more blogs with you all as well so you can get a deeper look into our art studio.