Dot Day

The week of September 12th full of dots galore since DOT DAY was on September 15th!  Dot Day is inspired by Peter Reynolds book, The Dot!  The book shares the importance of trying your best and believing in yourself! Vashti was a young girl in art class and did not believe in her art.  Her teacher helped show her that she created something even if it was just a dot on a white paper.  Vashti started to explore dots even more and making them in a variety of ways for her art.  This is a great lesson for all kids to listen too and my students loved it!  

K-5 students decorated their very own circle that was representative of their dot! They were tasked with the mission to "make their mark" on the dot.  While our theme was dots, I told students that they could create anything they wanted on their dot.  It could represent them, be something they are inspired by or even just explore dots with painting, drawing, collage, etc.

An added emphasis to this project was community art! I talked about what community art is and how it impacts others! The dots from all of my students were taken and put into a large mural in our cafeteria to be displayed! The dots were glued onto paper in words that read, One Love, although the love was represented by a large heart! The students love to see their work on such a large display! It brightens up the school and shares a message that we are one and we love each other!

On September 15th students were asked to wear dots of any kind! It was a great sight to see!  If you have never read, "The Dot", I would check it out if I were you!  It is a great book with a great lesson! Check out some of the work below!