It's Always Good to Reflect

One of my goals this year is to create reflection time that is intentional!

When you get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of creating sometimes you leave little time to reflect! I purposely have students clean up 3-5 minutes earlier in order to add a thought/statement to the reflection board that is in the art hallway!

This year I have tied their reflection into categories aligned with the national art standards.  I want them to develop the habit to reflect as well as know their are various levels to their reflection!

I created a few prompts that align with each of the four areas: Creating, Responding, Presenting and Connecting.  While we often share in class about our work or techniques we explored I find the literacy piece with reading and writing valuable and using higher level thinking skills by deciding how to categorize their reflections.


Currently, have students sit quietly for 30 seconds to a minute to think about their practice in the art studio for the day. It is so "zen" and peaceful!  While they are sitting quietly I pass out the sticky notes to each student.  I read a few of the prompts as well before they begin writing! Students are allowed to go look at the chart as well and I write a few on the board depending on the day and how much time we have.  If I do happen to forget, early finishers go to this reflection area, write their own sticky note and place it in the hallway!


As you can see in the photographs above, we are just getting started.  I have students discuss and reflect at their tables and I walk around and listen too on days that we may not have cleaned up in enough time to do this reflection activity. The kids love writing on sticky notes and deciding which area they want to reflect in for the day! 

Take a look at a few of the sticky notes!

Hope this helps some of you with more ideas to elevate or change up your reflection activities! What are other reflection techniques that you would recommend?

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Thanks for reading!