Take a Look into My Art Studio! (Link to Free Printable)

Hey everyone! If you are like me, you love going to other art studios to get ideas and see how other art teachers/facilitators  organize their room.

In my TAB/Choice art studio, I have students come in and go to their home seat! They get to pick a seat at any table they would like and they go here every class upon entering the art studio.  I welcome them and we review and talk about the topic for the day whether it is an artist inspiration, skill/technique builder, demo, etc.  From there I remind students to check out the stations on the board.  

Each table represents a center so while they have studio time they may be at a different table.  For instance, painting could be located at Orange and Red table, Drawing at Yellow and Blue Table and Collage at Green Table.  You will know what is popular typically and if a table has no one I just close it and change it to one of the more popular tables so kids can go to the station they want to go to and not have to wait.  Students go to centers around the room and gather their materials and take them to the designated table!  Studio time is amazing to watch with all the engaged students!  I like to put challenges and big ideas on the board sometimes to help those who are lacking inspiration!

Any who....lets take a look around the art studio! Click or slide the pictures to see them all! 

The pictures above are my board! I have "I Can" written with objectives for the students along with challenges for some grades! You can see the Studio Habits of Mind below the board and we refer to them often and currently focus on a Studio Habit of the Week.  The posters are located on my teachers pay teachers page if you would like to get our own set   https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Art-Center-Posters-for-Centers-and-Stations-2755624

The photo on the right will show you a few other things: Essential Questions, Did You Know.., Studio Habit of the Week and Art Stations/Centers.  The photographs are helpful for students who are still learning to read.



These two areas are:  WOW art display and the Artists' Tool organizer area. The late Barbara Berry coined the term WOW (Wonderful Original Art) for students to reflect about creating art past the exploration stage.

The peg board area that holds supplies is extra fun and the kids love it! I have placed photographs and labels to help students put supplies back correctly!

The pegboard with drawing tools and a few other things is located next to the Drawing Center! This area is full of various drawing supplies such as sharpies, markers, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels and rulers.  I have a few other little containers with sequins, brads, paper clips etc to have for optional additions to their work.

Near the drawing area on the counters I have mannequins as well as charcoal pencils, blending stumps and self portrait mirrors.  

The collage center is full of all types of paper from painted papers, magazines, newspaper, wallpaper, construction paper, construction paper scraps, magazine scraps, old books with lots of text, string, sequins and so much more! The menu was found via pinterest! I changed it a little bit but like the general message for students.

As you can see the mixed media cabinet is next to collage for ease of getting materials! I have stamps, gelli plates, etc inside of the cabinet to add to mixed media work!

For paper management, I saw something beneficial on Midwest Tab Teachers page on categorizing paper into different levels.  I adapted this for my room in a way that it works for me.  I have drawing paper for Level 2 and I wrote a label that if a students wants bigger they can ask me but would need to submit a sketch.  Watercolor paper is available upon request as well. Sketch paper is there for practice and sketching but it is computer paper so they do not paint on it!

The 3 photos above are in the Painting Center (sign not shown). This area has information on paint-set up as well as various supplies to try different techniques.  I took the clear palettes off the watercolor container for easy usage as well as cut up straws to try the straw blowing technique. Currently, students are working with watercolor and I will demo acrylic soon to add to their artists' tool belt and knowledge. The sign above the paintbrushes reminds students to put brushes bristle side up instead of down! Here is the FREE PRINTABLE on my teachers pay teachers page! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Paintbrushes-Poster-2754886 

The Sculpture/Construction area has loads of found materials and things that many would consider junk! Everyones trash is our treasure!  I created the cardboard menu from an idea shared by a couple art teachers on the MidWest Tab page!  I did not do all of the ones I saw but the ones I wanted to include for my kids.  I may make another one soon with our attachment ideas! 

The Document Station is created for my students who are taking photographs of their work for our digital portfolio Creatubbles! I piloted it last year with our district and this year all elementary schools are working to incorporate this amazing digital portfolio.  If you are not familiar, it is an online portfolio that allows students to share their work globally.  Kids from around the world or the school can look at their work and "bubble" it like a Facebook like and provide positive feedback about the work! It is a great way to expose students to other forms of collecting their work as well as allowing them to see work from around the globe!

Thanks for checking out my art studio! What are your favorite centers or areas in your classroom? Any questions about my studio? Feel free to comment below!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Art_isLife or on my FB page at Art is Life! I upload almost everyday!  Thanks for reading!