First Week of School: Art Olympics

The first week of school has come and gone!  It was an amazing 5 days of creativity, collaboration and getting to know each other! I am happy I stumbled upon a fellow art teachers idea (Melissa Purtee) of a game that used predetermined materials to get students creating right away while learning procedures of the classroom!

Students learn best by doing so instead of talking the entire class I gave students a quick slide presentation about myself and a video tour of the classroom! Did I mention I love technology! I used Adobe Spark Video to create a video with my voice and pictures of the classroom.  Anyway back to the project, I put my own spin on the idea and made it into Art Olympics.  It flowed well because my fitness teacher and gym teacher were doing their spin on the Olympics so it just worked out perfectly! Some of the prompts were to make a robot, make a head piece, make sunglasses and a few other ideas. They kids did a great job at it! Check out my twitter page @wy_artislife to see several photos of our first week!

Students in 1st - 4th grades were given a various prompts and they had to create a treasure out of lots of "trash"! This was a great way to teach the students how to collaborate as well as use their critical thinking skills to create art out of items that some may feel is just trash!  It was a great time had by all....myself included!

My Kinder friends learned about where artists get ideas and they created art inspired by their lives! This was fun so I could see the drawing ability of these students and access where they are in order to plan lessons to help them grow as artists!

My leaders of the school, 5th grade, worked together in an effort to create the highest marshmallow and toothpick structure! This was a great lesson in teamwork as well as critical thinking!

It was a great first week! Looking forward to many more fun filled weeks with my artists'!