Artists' Get Ideas: Week 2 in the Studio

The first week in the art studio flew by and we have rocked the second week of school!  My 1st through 5th grade artists' are focusing on the big idea of where do artists get their ideas from.  This created an awesome discussion amongst table groups as they chose one person to share out what they discussed.  Responses ranged from their emotions, life and what artists' want to get better at...to their surroundings and nature.  There were so many great responses!

This was a great way for students' to think about where they get their own ideas for their art and gave them a great starting point at coming up with the subject matter for their project, Artist Trading Cards.  The demo consisted of me showing students drawing techniques that I feel are beneficial to review at the start of the year.  We focused on drawing light with pencil (Draw Light Until You Get It Right), coloring spaces in with the wider side of the marker, using color pencils and crayons to blend and create shadows as well as using the sharpies!  I worked on keeping my demo to about 5-8 minutes so all my students could have lots of time to work on their artist trading cards!

We are going to learn/review techniques each week in order to open various centers around the classroom.  This past week was drawing, this coming week is collage/stamping, then we have painting, oil pastels and 3D/Scuplture center with cardboard creations to start.  I will add to each station throughout the year with new media and show more techniques.  This way they continue to add to their skills and by January we should doing more big ideas and TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior) format for class.  I love sharing various inspirations such as contemporary artists and various ideas to get them thinking!  I love watching students come in with their own ideas, creating what they feel.  When we are done with learning techniques for drawing, collage, painting and oil pastel each class will have the opportunity to trade one or two cards minimum.  Several students' don't want to part with their work yet but when they have a few I know it will be easier and a fun way to share art with others!  I love that some are even taking some blank trading cards home to work on them and bring them back! Definitely made my art teacher heart happy to see how engaged they were with our project!

Choice-Based/TAB has been the best thing for my students! Lots of growth in a multitude of ways! Last years art show got rave reviews as all the pieces were unique in their own way and so many were blown away by the skills and subject matter! That was nice to hear especially since my first year of Choice/TAB was last year and I knew parents and others may be accustomed to certain type of projects but the students are engaged, learning standards and having a great time!  Looking forward to week 3! Stay tuned for more art from my amazing little artists', it only gets better! 

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First Week of School: Art Olympics

The first week of school has come and gone!  It was an amazing 5 days of creativity, collaboration and getting to know each other! I am happy I stumbled upon a fellow art teachers idea (Melissa Purtee) of a game that used predetermined materials to get students creating right away while learning procedures of the classroom!

Students learn best by doing so instead of talking the entire class I gave students a quick slide presentation about myself and a video tour of the classroom! Did I mention I love technology! I used Adobe Spark Video to create a video with my voice and pictures of the classroom.  Anyway back to the project, I put my own spin on the idea and made it into Art Olympics.  It flowed well because my fitness teacher and gym teacher were doing their spin on the Olympics so it just worked out perfectly! Some of the prompts were to make a robot, make a head piece, make sunglasses and a few other ideas. They kids did a great job at it! Check out my twitter page @wy_artislife to see several photos of our first week!

Students in 1st - 4th grades were given a various prompts and they had to create a treasure out of lots of "trash"! This was a great way to teach the students how to collaborate as well as use their critical thinking skills to create art out of items that some may feel is just trash!  It was a great time had by all....myself included!

My Kinder friends learned about where artists get ideas and they created art inspired by their lives! This was fun so I could see the drawing ability of these students and access where they are in order to plan lessons to help them grow as artists!

My leaders of the school, 5th grade, worked together in an effort to create the highest marshmallow and toothpick structure! This was a great lesson in teamwork as well as critical thinking!

It was a great first week! Looking forward to many more fun filled weeks with my artists'!